On behalf of our hosts & sponsors the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Research Development Corporation, you’re invited to the following "Apres Conference” receptions, tours and activities.

19:00–21:00 Break the Ice - Opening Reception

Location: Delta Hotel, Salon A – Hosted by OceansAdvance
RSVP: Cathy Hogan, OceansAdvance cathy.hogan@oceansadvance.net

Join us as we kick-off ATC 2016 with a taste of Newfoundland and Labrador’s famous hospitality and charm.

19:00–21:00 Talk and Tour - Tours and Reception

Location: Memorial University
RSVP: Sheila Downer sdowner@mun.ca (Please indicate which tour)

We are home to world-class infrastructure, institutions and R&D facilities.

3 Tours Available: (Transportation Provided):

  • C-Core and Engineering
  • CREAIT Laboratories
  • Marine Institute

17:00–19:00 ATC to MASS Crossover Reception

Location: Delta Hotel, Salon A. – Hosted by ADIANL
RSVP: Sharon Beattie, ADIANL sharon.beattie@adianl.ca

Celebrate the closing of ATC 2016 and the start of the Maritime & Arctic Security and Safety Conference

Innovation Theatre

In partnership with the Research & Development Corporation, we will showcase the province’s leading Arctic and ocean technology companies. Visit the Innovation Theatre in The Path to the Arctic booth during ATC’s refreshment breaks.

Monday – 10:00-10:40 & 15:15-15:55
Tuesday – 10:00-10:40 & 15:15-15:55
Wednesday – 10:00-10:40