Durable Advanced Concrete Structures
K. Fosså, H. B. Østlund* (Kværner Concrete Solutions AS)
Full Wave Field Simulation of Flexural Waves in an Acoustic-Viscoelastic Medium
M. Landschulze (University of Bergen)
Modelling Ice as a Pressure Load in the Analysis of Ship Structures
M. Kõrgesaar (Aalto University)
Investigation of Iceberg Hydrodynamics
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Updating the Iceberg Load Software Using the HMDC Iceberg Profiles
P. Stuckey1, A. Younan2, M. Fuglem1, K. B. Habib1, M. Fuglem1 (1. C-CORE; 2. ExxonMobil)
A Shipborne Sensing System to Acquire Ice Thickness and Ice Concentration at Engineering Scale
W. Lu, Q. Zhang, T. Grindstad, R. Lubbad, R. Skjetne, S. Loset (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)