ATC Topical Luncheon

Join your colleagues for lunch to hear award-winning industry leaders discuss the challenges of working in the Arctic.

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12:10–13:45 Topical Luncheon

Challenge and Success for Marine Seismic Operations in Northeast Greenland

Will Bradbury

Will Bradbury, Project Development Manager, Europe & Russia, TGS

TGS has considerable experience with global seismic operations and 20 years of experience in Greenland however nothing matches the challenge of Northeast Greenland. It is the Arctics only ice outlet and operations routinely encounter heavy ice and icebergs, poor visibility and freezing temperatures. TGS activity has successfully integrated the commercial objectives of the energy industry within the operational constraints of this challenging area. Our experience with an escort icebreaker and seismic vessel towing a sensitive 6km seismic cable has led to the development of state of the art ice management systems, environmental best practices and a doubling of operational efficiency over recent years.

12:10–13:45 Topical Luncheon

1. Hebron Project: Designing and Constructing for Sub-Arctic Conditions

Geoff Parker

Geoff Parker, Hebron Senior Project Manager and Vice President, ExxonMobil Canada Properties

Off the east coast of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, approximately 350 kilometres southeast of the capital city of St. John's, lies the Grand Banks, an area known for its icebergs, ice, fog, and significant high waves and winds. These conditions presented engineering challenges for the development of the Hebron mega-project. Design technology, constructability and execution certainty are some of the key considerations factored into safely designing and building the 230-metre high Hebron platform.

12:10–13:45 Topical Luncheon

An Overview of the Arctic Inupiat Offshore, LLC

Joe Ahmaogak, Vice Chairman AIO, Chairman of Olgoonik Corporation Board of Director

The Arctic Inupiat Offshore, LLC (AIO) is an organization comprised of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and 6 Village Corporations representing the residents and shareholders of the North Slope of Alaska. AIO is focused on continuing to develop their presence as a viable participant in current and future energy development activities in the Arctic and elsewhere. Shell and AIO entered into a partnership in July 2014 concentrated on offshore activities off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi Sea. Even though Shell has decided to end activities in Alaska for the foreseeable future, AIO continues to thrive and will discuss the past, present and future of their organization.