Model Tests on Wave Induced Sea Ice Breakup
N. Reimer (The Hamburg Ship Model basin)
Experimental Study on Shear Strength of Freeze-Bonds in Freshwater Ice
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Analysis of Medium-Scale Laboratory Tests on Ice Crushing Dynamics
P. R. Birajdar1, K. B. Habib2, R. Taylor1, R. Hossain1 (1. Memorial University of Newfoundlandl; 2. Centre for Arctic Resource Development (CARD))
Experimental Investigation of Wave Loads on Ice Masses at Different Proximity to Fixed Offshore Structure
T. M. Sayeed1, B. Colbourne2, D. Molyneux2, A. Akinturk1 (1. OCRE, National Research Council Canada; 2. Memorial University)
Design of a Multibody Dynamics Based Model Scale Test for Towing Operations in Managed Sea Ice
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Case Studies in Application of Design of Experiments Methodology to Ice Basin Testing
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Icebreaker OTSO Conversion
J. Salminen, T. Alstela, K. Patrakka (Arctia Offshore Ltd)
Engineering in Canada’s Northern Oceans - Research and Strategies for Development
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Effect of Rudder Force on Stern Shoulder Region Ice Loads
V. Valtonen (Aker Arctic Technology)
Initial Operational Experience from the Oblique Icebreaker
T. Heinonen, M. Hovilainen*, T. Romu, A. Uuskallio (Aker Arctic Technology Inc)
Full Scale Ice Trials of the Research Vessel "Sikuliaq"
M. A. Neville (Aker Arctic Canada Inc.)
Development of Propulsion Technology of Icebreakers
G. W. Wilkman1, S. Hänninen2, T. Heideman2 (1. Wilkman Arctic Adviser; 2. ABB)
Offshore Ice Resistant LNG Port
C. N. Prescott, J. Lewis, J. Thomas, J. Swenson, F. Mejia (Fluor Corporation)
Design and Construction of North America’s First Major Bridge North of the Arctic Circle
K. Braun1, J. Brodie2, M. Fitzpatrick2, A. Anderson3 (1. PND Engineers, Inc.; 2. ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.; 3. PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.)
Baffin Island Deep Water Arctic Port
G. R. Watters (PND Engineers Canada Inc.)
GBS LNG Solution for Shallow Arctic Regions
E. Stormyr, M. Egge, P. Hunter, A. Khan (Kvaerner AS)
Disconnectable Concrete FPSO
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Deepwater Newfoundland and Labrador: Technology Application and Opportunities for Exploration and Production
M. Brown, D. Power, T. King, R. McAffee (C-CORE)
Overview of the 2012 HMDC Iceberg Profiling Program
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Applications of Iceberg Profiling Data to Improve Iceberg Management Success
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Adaptive Heading Controller on an Underwater Glider for Underwater Iceberg Profiling
M. Zhou, R. Bachmayer, B. deYoung (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
An Iceberg Drift Prediction Study Offshore Newfoundland
L. E. Andersson1, F. Scibilia2, L. Imsland1 (1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology; 2. Statoil ASA)
Smart Ice Management System — Rapid Iceberg Profiling System
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Ice Drift in the Beaufort Sea From Tracking Beacons, Winter 2009-2010
D. McGonigal1, M. C. Hill2, L. Guzman3, D. Hagen4 (1. Arctic Consultant; 2. Canatec Associates International Ltd.; 3. BGC Engineering; 4. Arctic Consultant)